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To  push forward the development of contemporary art and culture, the Exhibition Gallery which is located on the 4th floor of the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre displays contemporary artwork in long-term or short-term and project basis. It mainly focuses on contemporary Chinese painting & calligraphy and artwork for art lovers to examine and appreciate. Interested parties please contact (852) 2827 9908.

Yang Yao

""Grandmother and the grandson""
130.5cm (H) x 162.5cm (W)
Oil Painting

Professor Yang Yao was born in Changde Province of Hunan in 1941. He is now the professor of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and committee member of the Oil Painting Art Committee of Chinese Artiste's Association.

""Grandmother and the grandson"": Chinese culture is like a gigantic sponge that absorbs suitable international culture. Buddhism is localised. Marxism is localised. Even the international widespread McDonald's is localised. The work is about the grandmother and the grandson in front of the big McDonald's advertisement. The grandson is curious and doubts the western food. The grandmother, who is simple and has never met any western people, did not reject the western food. The ordinary scene of the grandmother and the grandson symbolizes both the conflict and integration of the Chinese and Western culture.

Jiang Jiantao

""Man with Dog""
1.83m (H)
Stainless Steel

Mr Jiang Jiantao was born in Zhengzhou City of Henan Province in 1966. He graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 1990 and got a Master of Arts degree in Sculpture Studies from the University of Leeds, UK in 1994. He is now a lecturer at the Sculpture Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

Jiang's masterpieces include ""Blue Sky"" (Year 1989), ""Stone Carving of the Simenxia Guo State Museum"" (Year 2000), ""Bronze Statue of Mr Sun Yat-sen"" (Year 2005, Shilong City Railway Station Square in Dongguan, Height 6.8m), ""Bronze Statue of Deng Xiaoping"" (Year 2008, Pingguo Cultural Square in Baise City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Height 8.22m) and more than 40 artworks from ""Head Portrait Series"" and ""Circus Series"" (1999 till now).

Major exhibitions

Artwork Type Year Exhibition
Adverse Effect Sculpture 2005 Victory of the 60th Year Exhibition (Chinese Artist Association)
Starry Sky Sculpture 2007 Accept the Difference, Contemporary Chinese Sculpture Exhibition
The 10th of Head Portrait Series Sculpture 2008 The First Guangdong Sculpture Exhibition (Guangdong Artists Association), 45 Sculpture Art Pieces - Solo Exhibition (Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts)

Li Zhibao

""Pure Land in Auspicious Day""
117.5cm (H) x 91cm (W)
Rock Color on Canvas

Mr Li Zhibao was born in Jianghua of Hunan Province in 1952 with the nationality of Yao. He graduated from the Faculty of Art in the Hunan Normal University in 1976 and graduated from the Advanced Studies of Rock Color at the Ministry of Culture, P.R.C. in 2001. He is now a member of the China Artists Association, vice chairman of the Tibet Artists Association, vice chairman of the Tibet Art Institute and the chairman of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Lhasa. He was awarded Outstanding Artist by the China Artists Association and the Art Association of Ethnic Minority Groups of China in 2001 and recognised as the first grade artist in the state.

Li's artwork was displayed in several large scale art exhibitions like the 6th, 8th & 9th Chinese National Fine Art Works Exhibition and Greet the New Century, Chinese Brushwork Exhibition and was awarded. His masterpieces include ""Coming Back"" (Outstanding Award in the First Year of the Race Art Exhibition), ""A Story of Grassland"" (First Class Award in the Tibet Art Exhibition in 1991 and Bronze Prize in the In Memory of 70th Establishment of Party Exhibition), ""Pass the Lake"" (Silver Award in the Third Year of the Race Art Exhibition), ""Comb Hair"" (Merit Prize in the Chinese Art Expo in 1995), ""Between people and the deity"" (Maple Leaf Award in the Second Year of International Oriental Wash and Ink Arts Exhibition in Toronto, Canada), ""Tour"" (Merit Prize in the First Year of Chinese Rock Color Exhibition), ""A Beautiful Afternoon in Antique Period"" (Silver Prize in the Second Year of Rock Color Exhibition) and ""Little Zhuo Ma"" (Silver Prize of the 3rd Blossom Award in national artworks exhibition).

""Pure Land in Auspicious Day"": There are some women with curvaceous bodies in the wall painting of the ancient Tibetan temple. It is a traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women in the history of Tibetan painting. The artist grafted one twig on another based on it and transformed it into a painting with modern appreciation of beauty; the women walk with the deities and do not know where to go. The tinge in the painting comes from the wall of ancient Tibetan temples. It ""flutters"" in the wall paintings of profound dark winding corridors for thousands of years; and it looks abstract, free, graceful and varies in postures. When it was ""picked"" by the artist, it glows with an artistic conception of brand new modern appreciation of beauty.


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